Application Security

Security is the lifeblood of all digital content providers. A hacked website is damaging to the reputation and financial position of your business.Best practices should always be applied at both the

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Managed Hosting

For applications requiring dedicated resources, or those with specific technical or contractural requirements, our Complex Hosting solutions are designed to accomodate every eventuality. Built in the

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eCommerce Sites

In addition to our SaaS products, we also offer a complete eCommerce development service in collaboration with Elle Nelson Design.  The combination of E N D’s design competence plus Equahost’s

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We host all our clients’ servers in the IBM Cloud.   Why not AWS, Azure or GCE? Well, of course all these companies are enormous, global operations offering highly mature datacentre services.  

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Disaster Recovery

We use the best datacentres. We employ the best engineers. We have 7x24x365 support. However. Inevitably things will go wrong.   “Tech happens” as the saying goes.  So, the question is, how valuable

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