Security is the lifeblood of all digital content providers. A hacked website is damaging to the reputation and financial position of your business.

However, frustratingly, there is no "perfect" approach to web security.

Of course, best practices should always be applied at both the infrastructure and application level. Networks should be secure and servers should be patched and up to date. Developers should strive to produce secure code.

But sometimes it is just not practical to patch a server the second an exploit is discovered. In addition, it is not always possible to recruit a development team who are versed in the latest and best security practices.

So what to do?

Well, one reliable method of addressing these potential shortcomings is the deployment of an application firewall.

Cusomters who opt for our Application Security service benefit from the addition of a managed application security appliance in front of their application. By default, this will protect from the standard OWASP threats. In addition, for maximum protection, a fully custom rule-set can be developed in partnership with your dev team as a professional service.

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