We use the best datacentres. We employ the best engineers. We have 7x24x365 support. However. Inevitably things will go wrong.  So, the question is, how valuable are your workloads? How much will your business be impacted if they are down for 1 hour? How much for 24 hours? 

Lost forever? 

We implore our customers to skip the cruel lessons learned following a catastrophic (unprotected) server failure. Equahost can provide data-backup and disaster recovery solutions for all SLA levels. For non-critical servers we might recommend simple replication or agent-based backup (with weekly server-level images taken at night) 

For servers with recovery time objective requirements measured in minutes, we can deploy Veaam Backup and Replication in combination with VMWare or Hyper-V. 

For further information on pricing and hosting SLAs, please see here.

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