What is Equahost's SaaS HR/Helpdesk system?

The HR/Helpdesk system is a fully-featured platform for managing your employees and customers. The system is built on Umbraco CMS. It can be deployed as a standalone web application or as an integrated component of your website, offering a consistent experience for your customers.

What are the key Helpdesk features?

• Branded email alerting (internal and external)
• Ticket priority levels
• Ticket Assignment and Tagging
• Internal notes (visible only to support users)
• Private tickets (for selected users)
• File attachments
• Private document repository for account holders
• Private blog posts for account holders
• Order queries as tickets


What are the key HR system features?

• Define any absence types
• Define public holidays
• Define company events (toggle mandatory attendance etc)
• Configure total annual leave days
• Configure max working hours in a day
• Leave / absence requests fully integrated with Helpdesk
• Attendance Reporting


What is Equahost's value proposition?

If you purchase the system together with an e-commerce deployment, it is not necessary to purchase a third-party HR or helpdesk solution to manage your customers and employees. There are also no user limits. The cost of the system is simply hosting plus a fixed hourly rate for support and customisation.

For stand-alone deployments, our clients benefit from the fixed-cost pricing model. You only require an appropriately sized server to host your environment. As above, the cost of the software is hosting plus a fixed hourly rate for support and customisation. Customisation can cover both UX and functionality. If you need a feature adding, contact us to arrage development time and we will extend your system as required.

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