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21 December 2021

And for our next trick ...

When launched, Indi (shopindi.co.uk) will be a multi-vendor marketplace for Makers, Artisans and Crafters.  Much like Trouva.com, visitors to Indi will be greeted by a fully featured e-commerce store,


21 November 2021

Why do you need headless e-commerce?

Why do you need headless commerce?  We have spoken in many of our articles about differentiating your online store from your competitors.   Traditionally, this has been quite a tricky thing to achieve


21 November 2021

For Amazon and eBay sellers

For eBay customers  Why build a website? No seller fees / equity share risk  No “race to the bottom” with competing stores  Customer / brand loyalty  No risk of suspension  Clear, dedicated branding. 


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