New for 2020!

We now have an exciting SaaS product for news organisations and written content producers. In collaboration with a major Equahost client, we have developed a fully featured media platform for delivering and commercialising news content and articles. Whether you are the author of a blog or an established online newspaper, we invite you to try out our software and see how it could work for you. 

This example deployment demonstrates the latest build (Version 1.2 - codename eqMedia)  


The development roadmap for 2020 will see version 2.0 released in Q2. v2.0 will include the latest version of the underlying Umbraco content management system plus an extensive selection of fully customisable themes. 

To support our development efforts this year, we are offering a fantastic deal for early adopters. Our first ten customers will enjoy flat fee licensing with unlimited users and upgrades for life. Use a verison 1.2 deployment immediately then seamlessly switch to a fully synchronised v2.0 build once released.

This will be in contrast with the general release, which will feature a tiered licensing plan on a per-user and feature-level basis.       

Current feature set:  

  • Built on Microsoft .NET using the excellent Umbraco CMS  
  • Organise and publish your articles according to topic 
  • Associate articles with relevant advertising 
  • Gated and non-gated content functionality 
  • Rich content editing features 
  • Integrated Comments engine 
  • Create standalone articles or publish as a series 
  • Fully featured content search and archive capability 
  • Optional “Directory” module. Generate additional revenue by listing your clients and content partners.        
  • Optional two factor authentication for subscribers 
  • Integrates with any CRM system via API 
  • Integrates with Google analytics 


Contact us now for further details! 


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